Our History

Simply Hops started as a different animal to what we know and love today. It was launched as a web shop in 2012 with the intention of starting to supply small lots of hops to the then-burgeoning independent brewery scene, but it quickly became apparent that this would not be enough. To reach its potential and serve the craft industry in the best way possible, we would have to be so much more than that. In late 2014 we relaunched ourselves as a full-blown part of the craft brewing industry, supplying BarthHaas premium hops to the best brewers in Europe, supported with full service and distribution. We recruited people who shared the same level of love for this beer revolution as we did. Often brewers themselves, they wouldn’t only work with and support the craft brewing movement, but would become an integral part of it.


We recognised the difficulties of a small brewery and start-up business in an increasingly competitive space, and set up our business to help as much as possible, with flexibility and advice from people who had been there and done it themselves. This was hugely successful and meant that by the end of 2016 we had cemented our position as the premier supplier to craft brewers in the UK, and then across Europe and South Africa by 2018. By continuing to support craft in every way we could, we fostered friendships with the brewers, brewery owners and other suppliers alike to ensure only the best products went into the beer we love so much.


Never afraid of stepping up for the little guy, in 2015 we launched the UnderDog brewing competition. We wanted to support the use of hops that got overlooked by the trends but still had a lot to offer the brewing fellowship. The competition also encouraged brewers to push and develop their skills. Then in 2017, we launched the Green Room concept at beer festivals. The Green Rooms offer brewers and their teams a place to take a break and rest at the festivals which had become so important to the sales efforts of the independent businesses. This has fast become one of our most popular and most emulated innovations. We developed ground-breaking hop harvest tours, financed and hosted by ourselves at our sister companies across the world, including the USA, Australia and Germany. This gives brewers of all sizes in the craft market unparalleled access and opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills.

It doesn’t stop there though, and this year in 2020 we are undertaking a full review of every aspect of our business, to ensure we can always offer fresh and cutting edge services and products to the most fantastic, exciting and innovative brewers in Europe. Watch this space!